One powerful API for crypto markets, news and more.

Live and historical data for crypto
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One powerful API for crypto markets, news and more.

Live and historical datafor crypto
order bookstradescandlesnewssentimentanalytics

Integrate cryptocurrency market data and news in a few lines of code

Tokendatabase is designed with the crypto-asset investor in mind by providing the data, insights, and interfaces that empower them to make informed actions.

Signal Apps
Trading Bots
News Aggregators
Portfolio Trackers
Charts & Reports
Strategy Backtests

Tokendatabase is built with developers in mind to be flexible, reliable and simple.

Powerful Tools for Enterprises

You value reliability, customizability and integrity. So do we.

White-label Data Products

Plug and play data products for your clients including dashboards, newsletters and reports

Dedicated Cloud

Let our expert team manage your dedicated data backend. Includes SLA and uptime guarantee and first in-class support

Bespoke Integrations

We can tailor our data to your needs. Whether it’s custom index pricing, or your own customized data infrastructure, we will make sure it fits just right

TokenDatabase Featured Integrations

CBIX is the premier destination for Canadians to access real-time pricing data on all cryptocurrencies available for purchase in Canadian Dollars.

CBIX makes it easy for Canadians to discover crypto businesses in Canada.

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