Get Auctions

Return a list of all indicative results related to a given auction id. Depending on the exchange and the format of the auction, this may be simulated auctions that occured before the actual auction, or reports of the current imbalance leading up to the auction.


Objects per Hit:


Name Required Description Available Values Default
ids Required Specifies a list of auction ids for which all indications should be returned. These ids are retrieved from the Auctions endpoint. An Auction ID List
key Required Your API key YOUR_API_KEY


Name Type Description
id string The unique auction id on the API
indications list List of auctions for the requested market
(indications) event_id_on_exchange string The exchange id for an this particular event
(indications) time A Time Value The time this indication was emitted
(indications) best_bid boolean The best bid from the continuous order book at the moment of the indication
(indications) best_ask boolean The best ask from the continuous order book at the moment of the indication
(indications) collar_price boolean The price about which any guarantees regarding execution price of the indication are centered
(indications) success boolean True if the simulated auction was able to proceed while upholding its guarantees
(indications) price boolean The price at which the simulated auction would have proceeded [only present if success is true]
(indications) volume boolean The volume of base asset that would have traded in this simulated auction at the given price [only present if success is true]

Example 1

Get all indications for the given auction id(s) ids=99



Last Modified: 2019-02-01