Get Trades

Returns a list of trades for the specified market(s)


Objects per Hit:


Name Required Description Available Values Default
before Optional Before time. Returns trades before the specified time (UTC) A Time Value None
after Optional After time. Returns trades after the specified time (UTC) A Time Value None
since Optional Since trade id. Returns trades that occur after the trade specified by trade id Any valid trade id None
limit Optional Specifies the max number of trades to return Any valid integer 100
ids Required Specifies a list of market ids from which to retrieve trades A Market ID List
key Required Your API key YOUR_API_KEY


Name Type Description
id string The unique id used to reference the market on the API
exchange string The exchange id of the market
base string The asset id of the base asset for the market
quote string The asset id of the quote asset for the market
type string The market type of the market
trades list List of trades for the requested market
(trades) id integer The tokendatabase id for a trade
(trades) id_on_exchange string The exchange id for a trade
(trades) time A Time Value The time a trade occurred
(trades) price float The price a trade was executed at
(trades) quantity float The amount of the base asset traded. Negative quantities represent selling the base asset, whereas positive quantities represent buying the base asset



Last Modified: 2018-11-30